On Demand: Mechanical Engineering

Do you have a project that is not on track? Do you need a firefighter, who can get involved now, without stepping on too many toes? Or, do you simply have a side project that you can't spare a permanent member of the team on? Read on.

How can Mecha help? CONTACT

Fast Responder

Understanding that delays in addressing a problem can literally kill a project, the ability to be able to get up to speed quickly and hit the ground running cannot be underestimated. In general, effort can begin to be applied within days or less, as soon as the paperwork is done.



If your project is in Los Angeles, on the other coast or on the north pole, I will get there. In many cases, remote support can be an effective tool to support a project, but if boots are needed on the ground, it happens.



Experienced in design for a wide range of traditional and non traditional manufacturing methods, using modern CAD and simulation tools. I am also experienced in nearly every project phase, from conceptualization to testing & delivery on both large and small project groups.



Many projects need out of the box thinking, and a fresh set of eyes. I combine solid engineering practice with a willingness to step out of the comfort zone and blaze a trail.